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Amanda Cerny – Amanda Cerny Hot girl famous network community talent

Who is Amanda Cerny Popular on social networks through humorous vlogs, beautiful face, charming body, Amanda Cerny also recognized talent and joined the community. Amanda Cerny was born in 1991, former model, television presenter. For those who regularly watch social networking, Amanda is also known as the “vine star”, which owns 4 million followers. She has […]

Amanda Cerny – Amanda Cerny Sexy collection 2017

10 Tips That’ll Save You the Trouble of Washing Your Hair Every Day

Washing your hair too frequently can cause more harm than good according to Lynne Goldberg, Director of the Boston Medical Center Hair Clinic. Constant washing causes your sebaceous glands to produce more fat. As a result, you get into a real vicious circle. Watch your menu © belchonock/depositphotos   © Wiktory/depositphotos To ensure that your hair stays clean longer, remove any fatty […]

How to Make Your Hair Silky and Shiny with Vinegar

Homemade mixtures to apply eyelashes every night long curved lashes property

With Girls, long curved eyelashes are glamorous desire of every girl. Just have thick black lashes also help brighten eyes, glitter and more attractive. But not everyone can get it, so women have to use a lot of measures to make such long-mounted mi eyelashes, mascara, eyelash extensions … but this method only temporarily hold […]

Women’s Self Defense Techniques – Grabbed By The Ponytail