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Collateral Beauty (2016)


First of all I have to say that I was really looking forward to see this movie and I had big expectations from it. That’s always a bit tricky as mostly you end up disappointed. And that’s almost what happened. This movie started in my opinion a bit silly and my first impression was that this will be a disaster. But it did build up nicely and although it is not the best movie I’ve seen this year it didn’t disappointed me in the end.

Collateral Beauty (2016)
Collateral Beauty (2016)

The story is beyond any doubt original. I loved the fact that beside the main story there are tree side stories which all have their meaning and depth. Everything fits nicely together (maybe even too much) and the final result is a sad but entertaining drama which will likely hit you on a greater emotional level. There’s also a surprise twist which I just didn’t see coming.

The only downfall are the last two ridiculous scenes which made the movie rather about magic than real issue solving. They were just overblown and shouldn’t be in the movie. But again this movie is worth your time. But don’t get too excited.


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