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How to Convert YouTube to MP3 – Update 2017


Changing over a YouTube video to a MP3 document is a simple approach to spare the sound for anything from a tune to a moving talk, to a funny comic drama schedule. You can change over a YouTube video to a MP3 document in various ways: a transformation site is the approach in the event that you would incline toward not to download any product, but rather program expansions and transformation programs are likewise choices if its all the same to you downloading. It’s truly simply an issue of inclination, as every one of the three can deliver comparable quality MP3 downloads.

1-  YouTube to MP3 :  Using a Conversion Website

Go to YouTube and find the video that you want to convert.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3

Play the video. It’s important to ensure that you’re on the video page and that the video is open/playing; that way, the correct link for the video will be in the address bar.

Duplicate the video’s URL from the address bar. To duplicate the video’s URL, go to the address bar (at the best focus of your program window), feature the URL, and right snap your mouse and pick “duplicate”, or hit ctrl+c (on a PC) or command+c (on a Macintosh).

Find a YouTube-to-MP3 conversion website. Open a new tab or browser window and type “YouTube to MP3 converter” into your search engine’s search field. Your search will likely return many websites. The MP3 quality may differ depending on which site you use, but you should be able to find something decent for free. As these sites are constantly changing, it’s best to search current reviews when choosing which site to use.

  • If a site asks you to pay for the service, it might even be a scam; you’re better off just trying another site that doesn’t charge.
  • Be careful when choosing a conversion site that you don’t wind up on a scam site. Before going to the site, do an online search of the site’s name to see if any negative search results come up.[1]
  • Another thing you can do if you’re unsure of how to tell whether a site is safe, is to type “https://google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=“ into your browser, followed by the web address of the site you’re considering opening.[2]

Paste the URL into the appropriate field on the conversion website. Once you’ve chosen which conversion website you’ll use, open it up and paste your YouTube video’s URL into the relevant field — exactly where this field is and how it looks will differ depending on the website, but it should be pretty obvious. If it isn’t, access the website’s Help page for detailed instructions.

  • To paste the URL, right click your mouse and select “paste”, or hit ctrl+v (on a PC) or command+v (on a Mac).

Click “convert”. Once you’ve pasted your YouTube video’s URL into the appropriate box on the conversion website, click the “convert” button. The button may be named something else (for example, “Start” or “Go”), but it should be pretty obvious — if it isn’t, you’ll find instructions on the website’s Help page.

Wait for the file to convert. Depending on your Internet connection and the YouTube video’s file size, the conversion may take anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes to complete.

Download the converted file. Once the website has finished converting the YouTube video into an MP3 file, it should offer you the option to click a “download” button. Click on this button to download the file on to your computer.

Find the file in your “Downloads” folder. Unless you’ve specified otherwise, the file will likely download to your computer’s “Downloads” folder.

Play the MP3 and enjoy! Once you’ve downloaded the MP3 file you should be able to open it and listen to it in a media player (for example, Windows Media Player or iTunes) and/or add it to your music library.

2-  YouTube to MP3: Using a Browser Extension

Type “YouTube to MP3 browser extension” into your search engine. This will bring up a list of browser extensions — also called “add-ons” — from which you may choose. For more specific search results, include the name of your specific browser in your search.

  • For example, if you use Safari, type “YouTube to MP3 browser extension Safari” into your search engine.

Choose an extension. You will likely have a lot of extensions to choose from — many of them will be free. Extensions may vary in ease of use, MP3 quality, and the level of privacy (i.e. lack of spyware) they provide. To ensure that you’re choosing a high-quality and reputable extension, search its name plus “reviews” to see what other users have said about it.

  • Ultimately you’ll want something that will not slow down your browser too much, and that won’t place any malware or unwanted software on your computer.
  • Signs that you’ve downloaded malware include pop-up ads and spam; your home page changing to a site you don’t recognize; and being redirected to unfamiliar pages.

Download the extension. Many browser extensions have multiple versions to suit different browsers. Ensure that you download the correct extension for your browser — this includes ensuring that your browser version is compatible with the extension.

  • The process for checking your browser version will differ depending on which operating system (i.e. Windows, Mac or Linux) and which browser you’re using. If you are unsure of how to check your browser version, type “how to check <browser name> version <operating system name>” into your search engine.
  • For example, with Safari on a Mac, you would ensure that you have a browser window open, then click on the word “Safari” in the upper left corner of your desktop, next to the apple icon. This would open a drop-down menu, and you would choose the first option, “About Safari,” from the menu, which would then open a small pop-up window with the browser details — including the version number.

Follow the installation instructions. Clicking “download” on the extension page will start the installation process. Specific extensions will have slightly different installation processes, so just follow the installation wizard.

  • You may need to restart your browser once you’ve finished installing the extension, so ensure that you’ve bookmarked or otherwise noted any webpages you have open that you would like to return to.

Go to YouTube and find the video that you want to convert to MP3. The plugin should now show up somewhere around the video — it will likely appear above or below the video, but some extensions also appear in the upper right-hand corner of the video.

  • If you have any difficulty finding the extension, go to the extension site (from which you downloaded the extension) and read the instructions/look at screenshots to see where the extension buttons should show up on your YouTube video page.

Convert the video to MP3. Click on the extension button to convert the video to MP3. This will download an MP3 file from the video on to your computer.

Find the file in your “Downloads” folder. Unless you’ve specified otherwise, the extension will likely download the MP3 file into your computer’s “Downloads” folder, but this isn’t always the case.

  • If you’re unsure of where the file will go, consult your extension’s instruction page. A good extension should have a solid help page.

Play the MP3 and enjoy! Once you’ve downloaded the MP3 file you should be able to open it and listen to it in a media player (for example, Windows Media Player or iTunes) and/or add it to your music library.


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