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Director ‘Kong: Skull Island’: From love to cinema to Vietnamese coast


Thanks to a $ 190 million bomb for Kong, filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts has fallen in love with Vietnam to the point where he plans to move to Vietnam.

Vogt-Roberts is a movie addict, as he admits to stroking his beard: “You ask my ex-girlfriend, I’m immersed in the movie every time I set foot in the theater. To the extent I do not even shave because it seems troublesome too.

However, the Vogt-Roberts record goes to Kong: Skull Island has only one feature film, The Kings of Summer (2013). This independent film tells the story of three teenagers who decide to spend a summer to build a house in the jungle and live a separate life outside. The Kings of Summer premiered at the Sundance Independent Film Festival and garnered a spot on the jury’s list of nominees.

When it comes to theaters, the film is $ 1.3 million. But Vogt-Roberts has been featured on the “U35 Noteworthy Directors” list for 2013. Two years later, he is approached by Legendary and hopes he will not become a “new Josh Trank” ( Succeeded by independent but disastrous Fantastic Four). Despite being an independent film director, Vogt-Roberts is excited about the idea of ​​making a blockbuster entertainment.

He shared with the Vulture: “Before I discovered the art line, foreign films, or movie history, I grew up with movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Die. Hard or Alien … I believe blockbusters can still be quality productions, but we live in a world where people care about Snapchat, Instagram rather than the power of a movie. Cinema is like a religion for me and reality makes me sad, which is why I want to make a film that makes audiences want to go to the cinema instead of at home watching Netflix, I want to make a movie Make viewers happy and kids want to be filmmakers. ”

Get off the coast of Vietnam through “Kong: Skull Island

One of the first films Vogt-Roberts made as a child was Dogzilla, in which he returned to attacking a city of his own accord with the bricks, according to the Los Angeles Times. About two decades later, Legendary and Warner Bros. gave Vogt-Roberts a chance to make a real monster movie with the King Kong project. At first, he almost refused because the producers wanted the set of films set during World War I.

“They gave me a scenario set in 1917. I said, ‘I’m really excited about this project, but maybe it does not suit me.'” Then they gave me a vacation. Weekend to visualize the direction of the film that I want.

Then that weekend, Vogt-Roberts envisioned Kong’s road: Skull Island, inspired by two classic films of the Vietnam War: Apocalypse Now (1979) and Platoon (1986). He reminisced in the Los Angeles Times: “I imagined a red glowing sky, with the Huey helicopters gliding over the jungles of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, then a huge hand reached up and smashed. A helicopter … I have never seen a scene like that before. ”

When recounting the idea of ​​bringing Kong: Skull Island to the point when US troops were withdrawing from Vietnam, Vogt- Roberts was surprised when the producers agreed. Legendary vice president of production, Alex Garcia, is excited about the proposal: “The idea of ​​bringing a giant monster in the 1970s is really unique. The conflict is terrible and now it’s time to go on an even more dangerous journey. ”

Kong: Skull Island was formed like that. Jordan Vogt-Roberts set foot in Vietnam and quickly the scene of S shaped land conquered. Love with cinema has led him to another love, as the director himself shared with VnExpress: “After a year exploring the scene and making Kong: Skull Island, I fell in love with the scenery. Vietnam is a great inspiration to help me overcome a lot of fatigue and pressure during the implementation of this blockbuster. After living and living like a home. ”

Thanks to the introduction of the scenery Ninh Binh, Halong Bay or Quang Binh … to the world audience through blockbuster Kong: Skull Island, Vogt-Roberts has become the new tourism ambassador of Vietnam. He said he had sold his house in Los Angeles and would move to live in Ho Chi Minh City in the near future. Kong: Skull Island is not the stop, it’s just the beginning of his career, as he is planning to continue introducing Vietnam to international friends through his projects. Vogt-Roberts plans to fly between the US and Vietnam in the future.

In the past few years, big studios have suddenly tended to select young directors to emerge from independent films to make blockbusters. Typical examples of success are Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World – $ 1.7 billion) and Gareth Edwards (Godzilla $ 529 million, Star Wars: Rogue One wins $ 1 billion). Legendary would hope Jordan Vogt-Roberts would become a new Trevor or Edwards by handing over his $ 190 million project. Kong: Skull Island.

He has been selected to direct the film Metal Gear Solid, adapted from the famous game titles. According to Yahoo Movies, Vogt-Roberts is confident that he will avoid the flaws of film adaptations and create a well-received product. He insists he can make from independent films to entertainment blockbuster projects. “When you have a driver’s license, you can also drive a truck, a race car or a plow machine, but the principle is the same.” The story is still telling a story, “Vogt-Roberts said.



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